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Famagusta. Salamina.

Our path lies to the east, to the most beautiful coasts of Cyprus. On the way, we will visit a family jewelry workshop, where products of local masters are widely presented.

Then we will visit the ancient city - the state of Salamis, which was the capital of the island in the IV century BC. and was founded according to legend after the Trojan War. Your eyes will be well-preserved amphitheater and marble sculptures.

Next, we will visit a city with a rich history - Famagusta. The heyday of Famagusta falls on the Venetian period when, under the dominion of the Venetians, he was the most a significant trading port throughout the Mediterranean. We walk through the narrow streets of the city, learn about the history the unique Gothic Cathedral of St. Nicholas and towers of Othello. The events of 1974 also affected these places, when part of Famagusta turned into a ghost town for more than Forty years. You will see an empty and deserted ghost town, with its many abandoned hotels. And it's not a secret why a record number of hotels were built there in those times, it is here that the best beaches of Cyprus are located.

On the one of these coasts we will have the opportunity to relax, soak up the white sand and swim in the azure waters.

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