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Limassol, located on the southern coast of Cyprus, is the most important tourist and commercial center of the island.

This second largest city in Cyprus is located between the two oldest city-states: Kourion - in the west and Amathus - in the east - the most amazing finds in Cyprus. According to historical data, King Richard the Lionheart married Princess Berengaria of Navarre in the castle of Limassol, which indicates the great importance of the city during the Crusades. Guests of this ancient city can enjoy visiting ancient and medieval sights, temples and museums.

Today Limassol is the center of the resort business with many first-class hotels, with a wide choice of restaurants, traditional taverns, nightclubs, bars and discos. It is interesting to note that during the winter period in this city it is still crowded and fun, while in other resorts the tourist life stops.

The people of Limassol are known for their love of entertainment. You will be able to attend concerts at the open Greco-Roman theater of Kourion, as the annual Dramatic Art Festival is held during the summer season. Performances of theater troupes are held, among other things, on the stage of the ancient theater of Kourion.

Limassol is rightfully considered the center of winemaking and the guests of this city have a unique chance to take part in the wine festival, which is held annually in late August - early September, and taste the famous varieties of Cypriot wines. This festival is dedicated to the god of wine Dionysus and is rooted in the distant past. Not far from the city are villages famous for traditional Cypriot wines. The oldest nominal wine "Commandaria" was first prepared in the town of Kolossi, not far from Limassol. Its first manufacturers were the knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. In the middle of the century, the headquarters of the knights was in Kolossi.

Limassol is one of the most fun cities on the island. At the end of February, a carnival is held, where an atmosphere of carefree joy reigns. Thousands of people dressed in colorful costumes, masks, outfits of ancient heroes join the procession through the streets.

Equally impressive is the colorful Flower Festival in May.

The architectural monuments of Limassol and its environs are real witnesses to the turbulent history of the island. And today's Limassol is a modern city, a city of trade, tourism, offshore, both business and leisure resort.

Old port
Limassol Marina
Molos Limassol
Kolossi Castle (Greek: Κάστρο Κολοσσίου)
Wine Festival
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