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Nicosia (Greek Λευκωσία - Lefkosia) is the capital of the Republic of Cyprus. Located in the central part of the island of Cyprus.

Traces of the first settlers can be traced from 3900 BC. e. The city itself was founded around the XI-VII century BC. e. (named Ledra, then Lefkotheon; modern name from about the 13th century AD)

In 965, the Byzantines make the city the center of the Theme of Cyprus. In 1191, the English crusader king Richard I the Lionheart conquered the city and transferred it in 1192 to Guy de Lusignan. The city becomes the capital of the Cypriot kingdom. It was during this period that the city was named Nicosia. In 1489-1571 the city was ruled by the Venetians. In 1571-1878 under the rule of the Turks. In 1878-1960 under the rule of the British. In 1960 the city became the capital of the independent Republic of Cyprus.

As a result of the invasion of Turkish troops in 1974 and the subsequent proclamation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the city is divided into Turkish and Greek parts. The border between them, guarded by UN troops, runs right through the historic center of the city and through the main shopping street Ledra.

The streets in the Old Town
Eleftheria Square
Eleftheria Square
Cats of Nicosia
Leventis Gallery
Ledra street
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