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Troodos (Greek: Τρόοδος) is the largest mountain system on the island of Cyprus. The highest point is Mount Olymbos (1952 m).

The Troodos Mountains are located in the western part of Cyprus. Known for their mountain resorts, picturesque mountain villages and Byzantine monasteries and churches, the most famous of which is the Kykkos Monastery, founded in the 11th century.

The nature of the Troodos mountains is characterized by the presence of large forests and rich flora with a large number of endemic plants, for example, the Cypriot cedar. Of the rare animals, the endemic Cypriot mountain sheep, the mouflon, is especially interesting. In recent years, hunting for it has been banned by the government.

Winter forest landscape with frozen impassable road at Troodos mountains
Kalopanagiotis village
The tiny Byzantine church of Timiou Stavros, Peléndhri
Byzantine church of Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis St. Nicholas
Acid red lake
River flowing with maple leaves on the rocks on the riverside in Autumn. Millomery waterfall Troodos Cyprus
Tzelefos bridge Troodos
Two lazy cats are resting on the beautiful street of Lefkara
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