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Pissouri is a charming village located in the Limassol region, about 30 kilometers west of Limassol city itself. In the south, the village extends to the sea.

The history of the existence of Pissouri dates back to the Byzantine period.

There are many versions of the origin of the name of the village of Pissouri. According to one version, according to the historian-georgian Strabo, the name Pissouri is derived from the ancient name of the city of Voosura, which bordered on the village.

The second version says that the name of the village of Pissouri comes from a word from the Cypriot dialect "pissouri" [Cyprus. dialect: πισσούρι], meaning "very dark". One version of this version is based on the legend of 300 holy Alamani who arrived in Cyprus from Palestine to become hermits in different parts of the island. Their ship landed in Pissouri Bay on a very dark night.

The third version, which is considered the most probable, mentions that "pissa" [Greek: πίσσα], i.e. resin, was once produced in this area, and the name of the village comes from this.

The main product of the village of Pissouri is the grape variety "Sultanina" (white oval raisin), grown mainly in the valley that extends to Pissouri Bay. In addition, olive, carob and almond trees are grown here.

Village Pissouri
Pissouri bay
Pissouri by morning
Pissouri bay
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