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Treasures of Cyprus

We will start our extraordinary day with a visit to the traditional village of Lania, famous for its artists.

Climbing higher into the Troodos mountains, we will plunge into the atmosphere of Byzantium and visit the monastery of Ioannis Lampadistis, where we will have the opportunity to see the world's rarest ancient frescoes of the Italo-Byzantine style.

We will take a walk through the picturesque village of Kalopanayiotis along the mountain river with the Venetian Bridge. In a local tavern, guests can taste fresh trout and national cuisine if you wish.

Further, our path lies in the village of Kakopetria, where we will visit the temple of St. Nicholas under the roof.

We will have a rare opportunity to see archaeological sites included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

And also on this day we will plunge into the most secluded corners of the nature of the island of Cyprus (waterfall and the top of Mount Olympus) and visit the most picturesque villages of Cyprus.

Note: lunch and entrance tickets are not included in the tour price

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